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The Chandler Book 1641 – 1918

The Chandler Book 1641 – 1918 The History of William and Annis Chandler There were three of these books made in the early 1900’s. One was to be passed on to the oldest child of every other generation on their 21st birthday. The book fell to me. However, the previous keeper of the book loaned […]

Mastering Your Hidden Self

One of the most insightful books I have ever read. Brilliant comparisons of modern psychologists which are then incorporated into a profound explanation of the you you long to understand. Mastering Your Hidden Self: A Guide to the Huna Way     by Serge Kahili King Huna philosophy is about learning to become a conscious cocreator with […]

The Other Bill Chandler

Yes, hard as it is to believe, there is actually another author named Bill Chandler, and maybe even more! The other Bill Chandler lives in England. Check him out here: The other Bill Chandler “Bill Chandler is a forty-something lawyer and occasional writer. Originally from what he describes as ‘the Essex end of London’, Bill […]

The Third Choice

I’ll go into this more later, but here is a very brief summary of the three choices we were talking about today. If someone is doing something that you don’t want them to do, you really only have three choices: 1) Alter their behavior, 2) Have them lie to you, or 3), experience pain. That’s […]

The Game Of Life And How To Play It

The Game Of Life And How To Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn Written over 100 years ago, yet without a doubt one of the most clear and straightforward explanations of life on this planet you will ever read. Thirty years ago I bought cases of these books and gave them away for Christmas. To […]

Your Gift…

Your gift might be one of an intrinsically spiritual nature… An out-of-your-current-box endeavor that might require a significant expansion of your self-perspective, a massive acceptance of responsibility that you would prefer to avoid, and immersion into a new life for which you will not initially feel worthy . . . until you start seeing yourself […]

Bill’s invention development presentation summary

Thanks to all of you for coming to my invention development seminar/book signing today. I know we ran out of time with many questions left unanswered. Please feel free to ask them here and I’ll do my best to get them answered. You can read more about licensing your invention in The Ultimate Inventor’s Handbook, […]

My Last Day As A Professor

While most of my time in front of a classroom was at Central Washington University, after moving back to Seattle I had the opportunity to teach at Northwest University. These are pictures of my last two classes on the last day of the most amazing twenty year adventure a professor ever had. Thanks to all […]

Increase the effectiveness of your advertising 100 % guaranteed!

This is so easy, and so effective and makes so much sense, yet… So often marketing or advertising gurus are referred to in a derogatory way, like their job is to deceive the public. Yes, that happens, but, politics aside, it doesn’t happen for long. It can’t, as a deceived clientele will put you out […]

Wild Woman

Men may think a Wild Woman is a woman to be feared. They think, “oh she’s a Wild Woman, that must mean she’s dangerous. She’s probably crazy, too much to handle.” And in a sense that’s true. She’s too much for someone who would rather have small talk than go deep. She’s too much if […]

What is never fun for an ENFP?

ENFPs extroverted intuition (Ne) is constantly scanning the environment and looking around for novelty, for stimulation and for new information. We naturally actively observe and engage with the world in order to expand our network, add to our knowledge base, have more experiences, help to connect disparate ideas and bring us inspiration and joy. Therefore, […]

This Is The Winning Cover!

  WINNING COVER! Thank you all for voting on the best cover for this book. This is the winning cover, almost unanimously. No, I haven’t lost weight, I’m just stretched as it is a rough draft. I’ll get Jessie to work on this right away so it’s done when I’m done. Okay, you’ve heard that […]

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